Allstar Control Codes for N7COX  #60103

For Node List:

Android Application to connect to Allstar, DV-switch app

IOS Apple Application to connect to Allstar Repeater-Phone app

Standard DTMF Commands to Link to any Allstar Node

Prefix Description

*1 + Node # 

Disconnect from any link. With Node #

*2 + Node # 

Connect to node in Rx only mode With Node #.

*3 + Node # 

Connect to node in Transceiver Mode with Node #

Basic Operating Information for the Allstar Node # 60103 N7COX Repeater

1. As the Operation code table indicates any function starts with command and must

include the Node # or it will not work to activate or deactivate.

2. If using the Cellphone application, make sure you do not walk away and leave

application running, when done please Disconnect from Node on Repeater.

3. If using the Allstar Node and you are leaving the Repeater, please make sure the Link is

down you selected. If there is a link up there are 2 soft double beeps that sound. If the

Link is not connected to another

4. *73 will give a confirmation and say what the System-wide connection status Node,

there is a lower pitched single tone.

5. *71 Will Disconnect all links

6. *81 will Say System Time